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Ya Gotta Start Somewhere (Hosted by DJ ill Will)

01.Gotta Start Somewhere
02.Faster (Prod by Rotten Thoughts)
03.Dial Tone feat Harvey J (Prod by Twan Da…
04.Blonde Bombshell feat Moninayo (Prod by …
05.Thats That Nigga (Prod by Cartune Beats)
06.Fresher Than Fresh (Prod by Feva)
07.S.O.S. (Prod by Aaron Zuckerman)
08.Pay Up (Prod by Charlie Heat)
09.Suckerproof feat Moninayo (Prod by Andra…
10.Last Friday Night (Prod by Dr. Luke &amp…
11.Angry Birds (Prod by LexiiiBanks)
12.Don’t Make Me Do It feat Kazzie Pop &amp…
13.Tarzan feat Coop (Prod by Kevin Perry)
14.Everything (Prod by Cartune Beats)
15.Bonus – Letter To My Son (Prod by Street…

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